Everything in the Universe from the ground we walk on to the stars in the sky are made up of energy the vibrates at a unique and specific frequency unto itself. There are two types, the lower and the higher. With higher frequency the more attune you or the object is with the Universe. Measuring these frequencies can determine your present state of health, providing a clear and concise direction for improving upon it. In addition, manipulating the body’s voltage can assist it to regenerate affected tissue, internal organs and numerous vital life systems.

I use NuVision a Holographic AI scaling technology, which provides users with a three dimensional representation of their body’s energetic centres. This in turn helps to identify areas for targeted therapy by matching frequencies and substance to assist the body to heal.

If you wish to understand the Universe, think of Energy, Frequency and Vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

Examples of using NuVision to look for causes, conditions and to look for remedies;

Quantum supplementation program
Targeted nutritional advice.
Personalized natural remedies.
Quantum Acupuncture
Plant Medicine
Chinese Medicine
Essential Oils
Flower Essences
German New Medicine
Hanna Kroeger Protocols
Emotion Code – Body Code
Quantum Rife Frequencies
Spine – Skeletal Analysis
Grigori Grabovoy

More to come with detail