Main Services

NuVision – Full Body Scan – NuVision is an advanced technology that allows me to identify your physical and emotional state, through a scan of your field. Scanning , identifying and matching thousands of physical and emotional attributes. NuVision works remotely, independent of distance securely between myself and my client. A sample scan review would include over 26,000 active forms of bacteria, 20,000 active types of fungus, assess over 7,000 parasites, 45,000 possibilities of environmental toxins and 11,000 areas where constriction in the body blocks the ability to remove various toxins.

NuVision Full Scan

NuVision – Follow Up Scan – Same as above however reviewing areas of success, areas needing more assistance and identifying new areas of review.

Select Services

NuVision – Pet Wellness

NuVision – AtlasPROfilax Scan – This scan will provide both positive and negative areas within the skeletal system to determine causes of imbalance and pain.

Used to provide insight in the skeletal and muscular imbalances that cause pain do to injuries or long term imbalances. This scan is $99.00 CDN or included if opting for the AtlasPROfilax treatment.

Service descriptions and pricing on select services to come shortly. Until then please inquire through the contact page. NuVision services are not In Person Services.